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Try git clone It will clone the repo with tags and branches. Check in the repo: You can checkin the files from the checkout, after a git pull is done, into the repo. Just add the files to your editor, test everything and check in the changes. If you haven't done this yet, check in your changes and commit them, making sure to add them to the master branch: git add git commit -m "Message." git checkout master git push origin master You can check the repo at Q: Page reload when using custom template My custom.tpl file doesn't work and I have no idea why. I followed the instructions on this page but it is still happening: My.tpl file is named 'article_tpl.tpl' and it is stored in the folder: wp-content/themes/default/template. I changed the path to where I have put the.tpl file in the first place. The code in the functions.php file is: function new_article_tpl( $content ) { return str_replace( '', $content ); } add_filter('template_include', 'new_article_tpl', 99); No page reloads are happening when I visit the site. When I access the page with the default content, the custom template works just fine and displays the same as it should. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. A: The problem is that you're replacing the content with nothing. This can be fixed by simply returning the new content in the function instead of setting it directly: return $content; More Articles Construction equipment is being used to build the new campus at the University of Toledo’s Botanic Gardens. The project is on




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Teoria De Los Colores Goethe Libro Pdf Colmillos alfner

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