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applying for a home loan has never been easier

You will receive an email and text message with your link to create your online login and application. This can take up to 15 minutes to send as we need to verify your details first.

Once you create your login, you can complete your application at any time. All the information will be saved as you go. Pick up where you left off from any device at any time.


Step through our easy to follow fact find and application form. This whole process should take you less than 30 minutes. All the supporting documents can be attached to the application. This is not only more efficient but also saves a few trees in the process.


We might need to schedule a 15 minute video or phone call to clarify a few details after we receive your application. This can be done when you are at home or have a spare moment at the office. We only ask that you wear some pants if you choose a video call. Laurel hasn’t quite recovered after her last customer stood up to get some coffee…

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